AML-S905X-CC-V2 (Sweet Potato) CVBS via or pin anywhere?

I’m looking to use CVBS out on a V2 with POE. Can anyone with an actual schematic tell me if they routed a pin to a via, test point, or pin anywhere?

And is there a link to the schematic?

It takes less time to type schematic in search: Libre Computer Board Hardware Schematics Links

My search foo must suck, because I did try searching, but was probably too specific. The link to the V2 schematic has, on page 1 a phone jack. Perhaps I’m missing something, but I thought the V2 does not have a phone jack? At least the images I see on the 'net and on the Amazon page doesn’t.

But at any rate, it looks like there are no wires to the BGA on page 10. Unless, of course this part of the schematic is not right either? Can anyone confirm that?
But at any rate, having a POE NTSC video source was looking very attractive.
I tried a simple search for gerbers, an it seems that no gerbers are supplied? It would be nice to have at least the layer with holes/vias released for box printing and via locations.

That is from the reference design. Per the schematic, the pads are not connected. We will supply gerbers.