Audio output via 3.5mm jack (headphones) using Batocera

Hi all,
I’m looking for a little assistance regarding the use of headphones on the Batocera OS.
I have the “Le Potato” board and have installed Batocera for retro gaming.
I’m using an HDMI cable for video, but need to use the 3.5mm jack for audio output.

Batocera is not giving me any options for choosing this in the sound setup menu. I followed all the suggestions on their wiki page, but I have been unsuccessful. (audio_issues [Batocera.linux - Wiki])

There is a way to manually update the audio output in the cfg file, but I don’t know what setting to use for “audio.device= ???”.

Has anyone have any experience with trying to get this to work?

FYI: Batocera has locked there forum, so I can’t post any questions there.

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Did you figure out a resolution? I am having this the same issue. Audio works in Kodi but not Batocera.

I’ve had the same problem with a different board from a different vendor, so I’m pretty sure this is a software problem. I usually use HDMI audio anyhow, so It’s a back-burner issue for me, but if I figure it out, I’ll share.

You need a specialized adapter to make analog audio work for standard headsets. We are currently working to make this adapter available through our distributors.

I can get audio to work by pulling the jack out a little bit and wedging a bit of foam between the audio jack and HDMI. This works on your Ubuntu/LibreElec/Raspbian images. I do this with computer speakers regularly, it’s much too touchy for a headset though.

I just tested on Batocera, and the analog audio straight up does not work. As I said previously, this is consistent with the what I see on the Odroid N2+* I use for my media center, so I’m pretty sure it’s a Batocera issue, not a Potato Issue.

*Perhaps it may be replaced by a Renegade Elite or similar when/if they come back on the market (cough, cough). The N2+ is a nice board, but I miss @librecomputer 's adherence to upstream methods whenever I have to deal with it. Even the process of signing up for their forum stunk. They had an impossible capcha that kept telling me “No soup for you! You’re a forum spammer.” I couldn’t find a pinmap with the chip and line numbers anywhere. It really made me appreciate how you guys operate. Keep up the good work, and know if you bring a slightly more powerful board to market, you already have one sold!

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Maybe try to configure via alsamixer. Not sure how batocera configures the audio but the audio code is upstream and should work.