Buster Libre Image Fails on Upgrade

Fresh install of Rasbian (Libre, Buster) will not boot after completing an apt-get update && apt-get upgrade from a fresh install. After troubleshooting most of the day, I thought it was something we were doing, but fresh install will not update – Fails to boot after a natural reboot post upgrade. We need Buster due to 3CX SBC install requirements.

Any ideas?

Confirmed the issue and created the fixes. New images are being built and uploaded to our server. Check the timestamps on the distro server and if you see that they’ve changed from 2022-11-02 to 2022-11-06, it means that they have the fixes and you can use them.

This is syncing to our S3 bucket so it should be available in approximately 2 hours from now.

Thank you for the quick response! I will try this today (late) and verify.