Can I Build A Handheld PICO-8 Console With A Libre Computer?

I’d love to follow a tutorial like this Raspberry Pi guide but using a Libre Computer. I don’t know a ton about the hardware but I can follow guides and troubleshoot decently. Would something like this be possible? I was hoping I could just run a linux distro with PICO-8 and then grab a screen/case/etc to put it all together.


Also if anyone has tips on making something like this without soldering I’d appreciate it! I have a 3D printer for the case but I’m not positive what type of screen/input to use. Figured I’d use the HDMI and USB for that stuff

There’s not anything that shouldn’t work on any of our boards. If you run into any issues, let us know. You can just grab the base or server Ubuntu image and it should work. There’s also guides on pairing it with small displays.