Copy .img file from Le Potato USB to EMMC

Has anyone used PuTTY to flash the EMMC drive from a USB drive on the s905x? I’m trying to make a bootable EMMC drive rather than using an SD card. I’m using the s905x for tracking aircraft and it’s working great as a Raspberry replacement using Raspian bullseye. Any help with links etc. on how to do this would be much appreciated. I’ll admit that I’m a windows user and now diving into Linux.

You can boot via SD card and download the image using wget or a browser. Use xz to decompress and then dd it to /dev/mmcblk0. If you need a writeup, reply to this thread and we will make a formal writeup.

I just followed the steps here and it worked great:

Libre Computer AML-S905X-CC eMMC Flashing Steps from Linux - Tutorials & Guides - Libre Computer Hub

Just write any compatible image to the resulting drive. Of course, this means you are doing it on another Linux computer.

That would be great if you could send a write up. I am running the Raspbian lite software on the s905x and also have an Intel Windows PC. I do have another s905x. Still in a learning curve when it comes to Linux.

You can also flash the eMMC after booting from a MicroSD card. Libre Computer AML-S905X-CC eMMC Flashing via MicroSD Card

Thanks for the tips everyone. Tonight I was able to flash the EMMC from an .img file using the Raspberry Pi imager which is included with the raspberry desktop. I’m now running 3 separate flight tracking programs on the s905x.

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