Documentation for power saving modes

I am running the aml-s905x-cc (aka le potato) board on Ubuntu 22.04

Is there any documentation addressing power management :slight_smile: ?

→ repartition of power draw by peripheral and how to shut down some peripherals (eg. USB, Sound, Video, IR, I2S …) ?
→ removing unnecessary linux modules ?
→ power impact when switching the CEC/Pin11 jumper ?

What’s your power target? Idle the board uses about 200mA or 1W.

No specific target, consumption is indeed quite low.

I am comparing the board with a few alternatives. Since I disabled anything I was not using on the other ones, I would need to do the same to provide a fair comparison.

You can reference the schematics page to see what devices you can turn off through toggling GPIO controlled regulators for non-mandatory devices. Additionally, there are low power states that you can enter that uses very little power but you can’t do any processing when that happens and rely on select GPIO interrupts to wake the system.