DVP Camera for ALL-H3-CC


I am working on a robot project that’s going to be controlled by the ALL-H3-CC.

I wanted to integrate a camera into the project to use for navigation. The USB ports of the board are all used: touchscreen, WiFi, LIDAR, Keyboard, so plugging in the camera via USB is not an option.

That’s why I got the ALL-H3-CC, it has a DVP camera port. However absolutely no useful information on the web as to what camera will work with it. People have even told me not to get a DVP camera as it has apparently never been tested before on that board?

If that’s the case, I wonder why it even has a camera port. It has to serve a purpose! Right?

Are there any informations which cameras are compatible? Would an OV2460 camera work with this board?

  1. Schematics can be found here: Board Hardware Schematics Links
  2. The DVP camera connector pinout and voltage must match the schematic. If the camera does not provide a pinout, don’t plug it in and try to use it as you may fry the board or the sensor.
  3. More information can be found here: CSI - linux-sunxi.org
  4. You will need to know how to drive the camera at the appropriate clocks and create the necessary device tree overlays. Drivers may also need to be tuned for the camera.

I just ordered this from AliExpress: https://a.aliexpress.com/_EQrPODL

On the schematics it says GC2035 below the connector, so I’m gonna assume the gc2035 will work?

Are there any cameras that have been successfully tested?

There is no pinout given for that device so it will most likely not work.

What about camera models that have been successfully tested with this board? I mean there is a camera port, so there has to be some camera that is compatible with it, right?

Yes, this was tested via a camera module that is not sold. Unless you are an embedded developer and know what you are doing, this is not interface is not for you. Only if we decide to offer a formal product we will offer instructions for that product.

That’s unfortunate, the entire point why I got the tritium was to save USB port and use a DVP camera.

I might not be an embedded developer but I will still try it until I get something working. I will not take no as an answer. If you sell a product that has a feature thats not supported yet and you don’t really plan on making it publicly available anyways, then maybe say so on your product page.

The board does support that feature in hardware and we support the interface in software. We do not sell camera modules. Every camera module needs associated software to work like initialization bits.

Well, not offering public instruction on how to use a certain aspect of the device is not offering support for that feature. The board might support the feature in hardware, that’s nice, but that doesnt help the consumer who tries to use that feature, if you know what I mean.

Again, you’re missing the point. We do not sell camera sensors. If you find a vendor that provides camera sensors, ask them to provide the software bits. The hardware and software interface we have for the device are defined. It’s up to the camera sensor module maker to provide the remaining bits.

It’s like buying a computer with a USB port and asking the computer manufacturer for the driver of a USB device that they didn’t make.

I saw a YouTube video about a week ago that was a long (~45 minute video) interview with someone from Libre Computer in Shenzhen. I think it was filmed a couple years ago and they were talking about all the Libre boards, including these Allwinner models.

During the video they mentioned that the camera port was supposed to be compatible with a camera module from Orange Pi. It’s possible he misspoke, or I misunderstood, but if you really want to experiment, that’s where I’d start.

Well, according to the schematics it’s a GC2053 camera port. Orange Pi doesn’t seem to make these anymore. However the one I linked previously seems to be identical to what orange pi used to sell. I have to wait a few weeks before the package from AliExpress arrives. But as soon as it’s here I’ll try and set it up. Worst thing that happens is that it fries something and I’ll have to get a new board. It’s not like they’re very expensive or anything…

I’m not asking you for drivers. I’m simply asking you if there are any known cameras that work. You designed that board with that specific port, so you must have had some target device in mind while developing it.

Imagine a car manufacturer puts an engine in their car but never tells the customer what fuel it needs. I’m not asking for drivers, software or anything. I just want a push in the right direction to find compatible hardware. Apologies if going to the original source aka the manufacturer for advice was the wrong move here. Won’t bother you anymore, if you’re not able/willing to help me at all.

I’m simply asking you if there are any known cameras that work.

It was verified against the EVB reference camera which is not a commercial product. Orange Pi at one point made a commercial product that is compatible with the EVB reference camera but that is as much as we know.

Imagine a car manufacturer puts an engine in their car but never tells the customer what fuel it needs.

We have provided the pinout for the board. This comparison is not correct.

Apologies if going to the original source aka the manufacturer for advice was the wrong move here.

See our response to your original post: DVP Camera for ALL-H3-CC - #2 by librecomputer

Again, we do not sell camera modules so you are barking up the wrong tree.

Hi there!

I wanted to know what was the end of the story with camera? Could you recommend any camera for me, I actually have Libre Alta A311D, but I think connectors are the same.

Alta has a MIPI camera, not a DVP camera. The Alta connector is compatible with most RPi cameras.