Erase eMMC and start over? Or boot from SD Card?

That’s a custom boot_targets. Your board is loading that variable from somewhere, just not where you are expecting.

When you have two identical images, you need to use unique IDs for fstab and GRUB.

Noticed a preference for the SD & thought that possibly you guys had changed the boot order???

Will now change the UUID on part 1 SD.


We do not change the default u-boot search order. This is your custom modification.

Turns out changing the UUID on a Fat16 partition is much easier said than done. There’s no simple utility like btrfstune for btrfs files; I found a writeup on rebuilding the dos partition with a selected option…
Also, before I shutdown my last SD system, I noticed that it was showing gparted errors in the boot partition all the way through. + it would not boot when I tried it alone, without the eMMC installed
I have checked the fstb values for both the eMMC and SD systems. There’s one PARTUUID base # for each block memory type with different suffixes (45749835-01 boot, …-02 btrfs for the eMMC & e50f4bof-01 boot,…-02 btrfs for SD). These are unique UUID’s in the list for the devices. Note that they always appear as the last entries for each of the devices reported by blkid|grep UUID and are labeled “PARTUUID” (for example, please see the one I sent you for the eMMC yesterday).

Does this mean that my ALTA should work as expected if I install both SD & eMMC - (it’s showing the mmc1 preference…)?? Or is there another reference elsewhere that will be confused by the dd induced duplicates in the other partition label UUID’s

I have had a pretty high failure rate on SD’s; everything was new a few days back. Sorry, just didn’t think they could be the cause of this…

Thanks & please let me know if fstab is not a conclusive indicator -

This is fstab from the SD card -

PARTUUID=e50f4b07-02 / btrfs noatime,compress=zstd,x-systemd.growfs 0 1
PARTUUID=e50f4b07-01 /boot/efi vfat defaults 0 1
/swapfile none swap defaults 0 0