HDMI redness (youtube)

Im migrating from youttube to try and resolve this

The monitor is advertising colorspaces it doesn’t support in it’s EDID. Do you have a model? Can you upload the EDID file to [hub.libre.computer]-and we can patch it for you? Run this in a terminal: cp $(find /sys/ -iname edid | grep HDMI) edid

I did this and got:
/sys/kernel/debug permission denied
pstore permission denied
bpf permission denied

Im sorry i am bad at this stuff.

screen model

Im trying to controller relays connected to the potato. Im using Home assistant on a virtual machine. I would like to point it at the GPIOs on the potato and create automations. Can i do this?
Im still stuck in the setup phase.

edid file

You can get the GPIO numbers from the wiring tool. Most applications designed for Raspberry Pi use the sysfs numbers so you can convert those directly using lgpio bcm.

We have updated the color search sequence in the kernel. Please update the system and reboot.

sudo apt update
sudo eatmydata apt dist-upgrade -y

Let us know if you still experience problems.

Worked great, thank you!

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