How do I load the kernel?

I am not familiar with GRUB or Ubuntu. I sure could use some help.
I just downloaded Ubuntu 22.04.1 and used Win32diskimager to put it on an SD card.
When the card is inserted in my aml-s905x-cc and the board boots, it comes to GRUB. When I type in boot, it tells me to load a kernel first. How do I load the kernel?
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you

Probably didn’t flash the image right. You shouldn’t have to type anything.

So, it is supposed to auto detect the SD card with the Ubuntu file on it and auto load the OS?
I was hoping that’s what it would do.
I went through the steps that the win32disk program indicated. When it was done, it stopped. I am not sure what I could have done wrong.

Yes. Troubleshooting General Boot Issues

You shouldn’t need to type something to load the kernel. What is the file you downloaded?

To make the dick image, I downloaded win 32 disk imager.
From the Libre website, I downloaded both Ubuntu 22.04.1 and the raspbian files. Both gave me the same issues. So…I understand that the bootable disk make didn’t work properly. Since I followed the steps as indicated, I am uncertain how else to work it. I’ll try a different program to make a disk image bootable disk. Hopefully that will work out.

Can you upload a quick video of it booting and where you are getting stuck?