How to set up linux

Im new in this forum i just bought a AML-S905X-CC-2GB without mirco SD card ?
how can i use it properly ? i tried to connect it via ethernet in order to have an access via @IP but it doesn’t work?

Do i need a micro SD in ordre for it to boot ?

Please i f you have any tutorial on how to set linux in it don’t hesitate to share it ?


Does this help?

Yes, you need a microSD card. The AML-S905X-CC-2GB is just a small computer. The microSD card would be the “Hard Drive” of the computer and is very necessary.
The other option would be an EMMC module as mentioned in the post shared above.
You generally will need to pre-load that microSD card with an “image” or copy of linux or another operating system that is compatible with the board, using another computer to load it on.

Libre Computer has a number of pre-built compatible images that can be loaded, along with a few tutorials on how to load them. The main images available at the link above are Ubuntu and Raspian. Ubuntu is probably the most “User Friendly” version of linux out there, but will be a bit of a resource hog than Raspian would be (at least in my opinion)

I intended to make a longer post with instructions/walk through links for writing images to cards. Then I got distracted and its been 2 days. So I’m just posting this as is. :rofl:

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