How to wire up two (2) cable fan on AML-S905X-CC

Hi all.

I recently bought a AML-S905X-CC board and the P92 case from eleUniverse. This case comes with a two cable (red and black) fan.

From the guide at P92 - Geekworm Wiki it looks like the cables should be attached at the back orange and red GPIO pins.

I believe these are v3.3 volt and neutral. Where red is live and black is neutral.

CORRECTION: I used v5 red and black to ground, please see below from Angus.

Has anyone else wired this up okay and if so, do these pins have to be enabled in software before they work or are these the wrong pins.

Please advise, I’m not a hardware guy.

Thank you.

I attach an overhead view of the board.

I worked it out, red (live) wire has to be on pin 4 and black (ground) wire has to be on pin 6:

Thanks anyway. :slight_smile:

Glad you worked it out.

A couple notes, mostly for the sake of other searchers:

  1. There is no neutral. You have 5V or 3.3V DC and Ground. For a 5V fan, if you want it to run slower, use 3.3V, otherwise use 5V. Red to positive power, black to ground. Obviously check the docs for your device, and see what it’s rated for.
  2. The official pinout is here: GPIO Pin Header Maps and Wiring Tool for Libre Computer Boards
  3. If you’re not using the SPDIF header (9j1) for audio, that’s a convenient 5V power source that leaves your main 40 pin header (7j1) for other cool stuff.
  4. I’d review some DC electronics basics before messing around too much. If you’re used to AC wiring in houses, this is a different (and, thankfully, easier) beast altogether. If you shout the wrong pins you could damage things.
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