Is my Potato Toast?

Followed the directions to a T, 7 zip, Win32 disk imager, the correct ubuntu and ras pie images.
Strong power supply and 2 different micro sd cards with fast write speeds one samsung one Scan Disk with 80 and 100 transfer speeds.

Also tried Same result. Solid Blue and Solid Red light. No green light and nothing whatsoever showing up on my monitors.

All I get is a sold blue and solid red light. No data shows at all shows up on my screens. Tried 3 different monitors view sonic, dell and a tv monitor.

No green light, no text on monitor, no grub menu.

Am I doing something wrong or is my brand new Potato toast?

If you excuse the tongue-in-cheek tone, my advice here is sincere: Recommended Bit Accurate Flashing Tools - #9 by angus

Win32 whateveritis and windows in general seem more and more to be the common denominator.

UPDATE, after trying the recommended setup I went with ubuntu and BalenaEtcher and now have a functional device. My Potato is not toast, but the recommended set up did not work for me. Samsung micro sd, viewsonic monitor, ubuntu and Balena Etcher Whoo Hoo.

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What exactly didn’t work?