Kernel version for Long Term use


Now that I have 2 Renegades up and running I am preparing to move them into their final, production, role replacing 2 older RPi’s as controller nodes for my org’s NAS. The 2 units are running the Raspbian images and I have them up to date with the 6.0.10-00438-ga879bb580485 kernel. My question is what kernel should I stick with before leaving these units basically at a “kernel freeze” once they are in production. From the kernel lists it appears that 6.1 is on track to be released on Dec. 11th, but that version is likely to be the first to introduce Rust into the kernel. So should I stick with 6.0.10 and let these units run with that for at least a year (barring unforeseen issues) or wait for the 6.1.x branch to come out? I am not really a fan of running a dot 0 version of anything in production, but since Linus says that version numbers don’t really mean much any more I was thinking that maybe 6.0.10 was a good stopping point before Rust gets included in the kernel to prevent that code from causing any weird anomalies. Any thoughts or suggestions on this?


Please see our Linux kernel policy.

Linux 6.1 is an LTS release and we track LTS kernels for 5 years.

After Linux 6.1 is released, Linux 6.0 will get security updates from upstream for approximately 3 months before it is no longer supported with security updates.

The last Linux LTS 5.15 is missing too many features for us to support across our entire product line so Linux 6.1 will be the first long term stable maintained release.

To stop kernel updates, just disable or remove the libre-computer-deb.list from /etc/apt/sources.list.d/. Everything else will still update like normal.

Great! I will hold off until 6.1 comes out then as it will be LTS. Thanks again.