Le Potato audio input?

Does the AML-S905X-CC have any avenue for analog audio input (recording)? I believe I understand the AV jack is an output only. GPIO? Or must I use an add on device such as a USB sound device? Thanks.

Le Potato has an audio header capable of I2S and PCM input. USB is recommended as it is easier unless you are looking for hi-fidelity or latency sensitive audio.

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Good to hear, thanks.

I am looking for latency sensitive audio. USB is not viable. I have an i2s adc lying around which work well with RPi but Le Potato fits my project so much better. Unfortunately there is next to no information available. All I could find out was that I had to write a DT overlay to first enable i2s. Any pointers to that?

The I2S nodes are already in the device tree, you just need to enable them by changing the status flag.

I don’t see that the I2S nodes are in the device tree. I really want to use I2S, but the information is completely missing other than I did find the GPIO pin out.