Le Potato won't boot

The blue and red LEDs come on when I try to boot my Le Potato, but the green led never turns on. I am using a SanDisk ultra SD card and a 2.0-amp power supply. I have booted a raspberry pi off of the SD card before and I have tried booting multiple OSs. I was using raspberry pi imager, but I switched to rufus. I don’t know if that makes a difference or not.

See the general troubleshoot guide. You need to extract the image.

I have extracted the image and I looked at the boot guide. As far as I can tell I followed the instructions exactly. One thing I am curious about is whether the length of the power cord would affect the voltage at the computer board. I am using a fairly long cable, about 8 ft.

You can measure the voltage on the GPIO header to check if it is 5V. What are you powering the board with and what is the gauge of the cable?

I switched from raspian OS’s to Ubuntu and the green light came on this time. Im not sure what the difference is between the two images but it seems to be booting now.

Both the images use the same bootloader. It is probably something wrong during the flashing step.

I think I may have figured out the problem. I was using a chromebook at school to download the OSs onto a flash drive. I then transferred the OS to my main computer to decompress and flash the SD card. The flash drive was formatted in Exfat instead of Fat32 because of an earlier project.