New to potatos (and pi)

I’m new to this sector of computing, but quite interested in the potential of small systems. I often take salvaged office computers (and even an outdated gaming rig) and give them new life with a Linux install. The ability to have decent power in a handheld package with all the customization of a PC is impressive. Naturally, I have some questions:

  1. What are good sites or references for reading up on what I can do with something like the Potato? I figure you might be able to give better references than a search engine.

  2. How well does Le Potato handle streaming music and movies? I have an old office machine for running streaming at home, but being able to take it on the road would be nice.

  3. What kind of performance should I expect using Le Potato for retro-gaming / emulation? What would be the limit of what it could handle?

  4. Has anyone had any luck making a Potato into a PotatoPilot? Battery-powered with a touchscreen interface.

For my questions above, if there is a specific distro or model of computer you recommend, please let me know.

  1. See AML-S905X-CC (Le Potato) Overview Resources and Guides
  2. Streaming music works fine. Streaming movies work great with CoreELEC.
  3. This all depends on the emulator and it’s efficiency converting the emulated system code to ARM. It’s about the same performance as a Pi 3.
  4. No idea what a PotatoPilot is.

We recommend Debian to start off with.