OLED Screen shaking from left to right from HDMI

Hello, I’m still really new to all of this so please excuse my inexperience. I’m wanting to use this with a 6.3” AMOLED, and it works, but the screen shakes from left to right. I’ve looked at other forums for possible solutions and found that the lines of code in the config.txt file don’t match. Am I able to get a little help finding the right line of code to adjust to get the screen to stop shaking?

Can you link to a quick picture or video? You also need to provide basic information like basic brand and model. If possible, the EDID.

Apologies for such a long delay response! It was a journey and a half to get the data sheet for the screen. I was not able to get one for the AMOLED, but I’m getting the same issue on a different LCD. Below is a video showing my problem and wiring setup, the screen’s technical data sheet, and the EDID.


LCD Screen Data Sheet: Dropbox - 25196ce1ed6115eb37e5c2cfc2153372.pdf - Simplify your life

Reference Video: Dropbox - IMG_1775.webm - Simplify your life

Can you run uname -r and paste the output?


Run updates to get the latest kernel and see the problem still occurs.

It’s not letting me run any updates. Should I flash a new image to the SD Card and try again?

sudo apt update
sudo eatmydata apt dist-upgrade

It seems that I am not able to update due to permission issues. The board is not able to read the files because they are under a lock of sorts.

Copy and paste the message exactly. If apt is already running updates in the background. Leave it overnight to complete and then run the update commands.

I’m having a similar problem with a Noritake touch screen where it shakes a little every few seconds. I have the EDID decoded data available. Should I post it here or email it?

I upgraded to the latest version of raspian (I installed the bullseye distribution specific to the Le Potato). I was having the problem with an Asus HDMI monitor as well, but the upgrade fixed that monitor.

If you run a CPU load, the the screen still shake?