PWM for Libre Renegade?

Need help for the libre renegade

How do i utilize pin 12 for Pulse Width Modification (PWM) so that i can run it with a servo motor.

There is only 1 usable PWM on Renegade on pin 12 per the schematic. The other two are used as I2C controlling the PMIC. You need to create an overlay and set the status of pwm2 (pwm@ff1b0020) to okay.

My bad, since im still learning the ropes, how to do that?

And if I were to follow the guide for the le potato one, Is the dto combination still pwm-ao-b-6 on pin12?

Just realized that this is already in the wiring tool:

sudo ldto enable pwm2

If it works:

sudo ldto merge pwm2

Adjusted some of the variables from the Le Potato guide and now it works, much thanks!

I’m also trying to get the PWM working to control a piezoelectric buzzer and very new to this. I ran the ldto command above and connected the buzzer to pin 12 and gnd. What’s the next step after this to test this on the command line and also in Python?

See How to Enable and Control PWM on Libre Computer ROC-RK3328-CC