Question about using a touchscreen display

Im looking at a screen on amazon. Ive never used one on a SOC. It says that gpio is used for power/touch for touchscreen to work. the le potato can still do that right? I cant find any info and im pretty new so sorry for the confusion. Thanks for any help in advance!

Probably yes, depending on the chipset it uses – take a look at and

I will say that SPI can be slow, and 3.5" is pretty small, but still quite usable if it fits your needs. There are also HDMI/USB interface touchscreens that work well. Libre has done some solid work with them on Le Potato and they run about as well as can be expected.

Theres one that connects to pins 1-26 would that one work in my case?. Im also getting a 7 in usb one as well for my other potato

Both the SPI and HDMI 7" displays should work. Not sure about 7" USB ones.

So i got one that connects with hdmi and usb that should work. But i did get another 5 in one. Its saying that you’d mount the board on it directly with the pins 1-26. im just double checking that it wont mess anything up and that the 26 pin version is compatible? I wanna use it if i can. Thank you

A name or a link would help. Provide basic information rather than opaque devices.

Its the Elecrow 5 in. This is the official instructions which does not work for some reason. HDMI Interface 5 Inch 800x480 TFT Display - Elecrow Thats the exact display though. Im still new and I thought most screens were the same… so I apologize for that. Thank you.

im very thankful! the 2nd link made it work perfectly. I enabled it to test and it was great and fast/responsive.I set it on boot now. I can’t thank you enough!

Cool – glad to hear it. Enjoy!

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would you happen to know if this would also work on the renegade? i assumed it would but now what im
seeing im not sure. hoping it will be similar to the potato otherwise i technically didnt need it oops

I did a brief similar test, but didn’t go deep and finalize the results – see