Ubuntu boots then crashes on le potato

It boots up runs its first boot stuff then stop displaying images through the hdmi, I’m using ubuntu-22.04.1-preinstalled-desktop-arm64+aml-s905x-cc.img but its not running am I using the wrong img or what do you think is going on I was running lakka which was working then i connected my ps4 controller and it would crash as well. so I don’t know what’s going on do I have a lemon? Am I running the wrong os?

Your power supply is inadequate.

i thought that so i found a different one that puts out 2 amps it stays on it goes through the boot process then stops out putting hdmi so i download win32 disk imager i think i have a bad download or something. Because i had read on the top five gotchas if the red light blinks or turns off its a bad power supply it doesnt do that the blue light turns off and i had read that was a install issue.

The red LED only blinks if the power supply is REALLY bad. However, power supply voltage drops will cause general stability issues along with bad MicroSD cards. For bad MicroSD cards, you will see mmc errors in sudo dmesg. For power supply, you will see stability and application crashing or spontaneous reboots.

My verification check is also failing at sector 2048 do you know what that means ive switched to the only other power supply i have should i go all the way up to five amps? Currently just trying to reflash the os but getting the verification error.

Turn off automount.