Why is Android 9 on Le Potato so buggy?

I’ve flashed android 9 on a micro as for my AML-S905X-CC computer board, it starts up and boots with android but by the time it gets to setup it crashes! Why’s this? Is there a more stable image?

Check your power supply.

My power supply is efficient but perhaps it may need more. I get to the WiFi setup, but it then crashes. I’ve skipped Wi-Fi setup but it crashes upon that. I’ll try to get more power to my device though.

I’ve checked my power supply and tried different cables and input methods. It ends up showing a light-ish blue color and after a couple seconds restarts. It will boot and say “Hi There!” I then click next, it goes to Wi-Fi setup wich I try to skip but it crashes. It will crash when I click next even. I will keep trying different was to power my Le Potato. But is there another reason for this?

Your power supply. Just because you think it is sufficient does not mean it is.

How can I tell it’s sufficient?

It doesn’t crash at high load. What power supply are you using?

I am now using a 100-240V~50/60Hz 0.5A input with a 5V-3A 9V-2A 12V-1.5A Output With a general micro-usb power cable. It stopped crashing and I got past the setup, it loaded the launcher and I clicked an app. After clicking the app it crashes and rebooted. I let it sit on the Phone is starting up screen for 1-2h hours but it appears stuck and it won’t get past loading.

You are describing a PD power supply. PD power supplies are designed for USB Type C cables and expect two resistors on the cable. Most MicroUSB cables do not have this and the power supply will cut off power at 1A. Get a standard MicroUSB power supply or a dumb PD power supply that doesn’t cut off power or a MicroUSB cable with builtin resistors.