Yet Another Le Potato Boot Issue

I’m utterly at a loss. I’ve extracted ubuntu-22.10-preinstalled-desktop-arm64+aml-s905x-cc.img from ubuntu-22.10-preinstalled-desktop-arm64+aml-s905x-cc.img.xz, I’ve flashed it to a 64 GB Sandisc SDXC card, I’ve put it into a raspberry pi 3 and run it perfectly, and as soon as I put it into the aml-s905x-cc, I get the dreaded constant blue-and-red lights. No boot.

I’ve tried raspbian and ubuntu from the downloaded list. I’ve extracted the image from the compressed file. I’ve flashed the card using Etcher and Win32DiskImager. I’ve disabled Win10’s automounting, I’ve turned off removable drive indexing, and still nothing.

The only clue I have is that Win32DiskImager is repeatedly failing to verify at sector 2048. I’m guessing this has something to do with partitioning, but I’ve no idea why, since I’ve followed the boot guides to a T. Any help is appreciated.

That image should not boot on a Raspberry Pi board. The fact it does means you probably flashed the wrong drive.

Sorry, to be clear, I used another image on that card for my Raspberry Pi in order to test that the SD card actually works. I currently have ubuntu-22.10-preinstalled-desktop-arm64+aml-s905x-cc.img flashed to the card via Win32DiskImager, with the failure to verify at sector 2048.

Did you extract the file per the boot instructions?

Yes, I’ve extracted ubuntu-22.10-preinstalled-desktop-arm64+aml-s905x-cc.img from ubuntu-22.10-preinstalled-desktop-arm64+aml-s905x-cc.img.xz, and I’ve flashed it to a 64 GB Sandisc SDXC card using Win32DiskImager after disabling Win10’s automounting and removable drive indexing.

Win32DiskImager is failing to verify at sector 2048.

Does anyone have any advice? I don’t want to have to return this computer, but if I can’t get it to boot despite following instructions I won’t have any choice.

If it fails to verify at sector 2048, it should still show the bootup screen and the green LED should turn on about 2 seconds after power on. Are you using the same power supply as on your Raspberry Pi 3?

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I am. It’s a CanaKit 5V 2.5A Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Power Supply/Adapter.

If you disabled automount, it could be some antivirus software or some other program interfering with the write process. The bootloader sits between sector 0 and 2047 so even if sector 2048+ is not matching, the green LED should light up and you should get video.

Is this the only board you have or do you have another one? If it doesn’t work on 2 or more boards, it’s a problem with the MicroSD card or power supply. If it doesn’t work on one board, the board could be defective.

I only have this one and my Pi, but the SD card does work on the Pi when I flash it with a Pi-appropriate image. I’ll keep trying. I appreciate your help.

If you purchased through Amazon, just request a replacement and they should send you one. We run pretty extensive factory tests but sometimes Amazon will ship out returned units that other people have damaged.

Since power isn’t the issue, check if the MicroSD card is seated properly in the socket.

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How do I check the MicroSD card? I’ve inserted it until the spring clicks and it pops into place.

i nam having the same exact issue and followed everything the same and no video no green light just red and blue constant lights and i am using correct power supply and correct image on correct and working sd card

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Our boards run through 50 software and hardware tests on the manufacturing line. We are very rigorous in functional testing before shipping these out. Read through Troubleshooting General Boot Issues and Troubleshooting Boot Issues on Libre Computer AML-S905X-CC

Make sure you run Win32Imager as an administrator. I was having the same 2048 issue as this. The image will write, but I would fail on sector 2048. When I ran it as administrator, the verify succeeded after the write.

If you get a sector 2048 error, it’s because automount is enabled. Something is mounting the FAT32 partition and modifying the data.