2023-07 Distro Releases Changelog

We are gearing up to release refreshed images for Ubuntu and Raspbian in July once testing is completed. This release incorporates many of the internal engineering efforts to clean up and make our images more uniform. It will be for every product we have released.

Major Changes

  1. u-boot 23.04
  2. Ubuntu 23.04
  3. Ubuntu 22.04.2
  4. Raspbian 11 2023-05-03
  5. Raspbian 10 2023-05-03
  6. Linux 6.1 LTS (switching off lc-stable to lc-lts)

Major Hardware Support Improvements

  1. AML-S905X-CC Le Potato Maximum MicroSD card performance increased from 25MB/s to 84MB/s
  2. AML-* Shutdown, Reboot, and Standby with IR / GPIO wake
  3. AML-* ALSA UCM and UCM2 configuration
  4. AML-GXL MDIO MUX No Carrier Fix
  5. ROC-RK3328-CC u-boot HDMI and USB 2/3 support
  6. ROC-RK3399-PC USB PD support
  7. Realtek WiFi Plug and Play support

Minor Updates

  1. Uniform image resizing mechanism (cloud-initramfs-growroot for non-cloud-init images)
  2. Fix errors with GRUB updates
  3. Fix locale defaults on certain distros
  4. Add hardware utilities to all images
  5. Add vim to all images
  6. Add wpasupplicant to base images
  7. Add command-not-found to all images

Unfinished Components

  1. Create keyring package
  2. Automate bootloader updates instead of manually via libretech-flash-tool
  3. libretech-image-finalizer-tool compatibility

Known Issues
2. Ubuntu 20.04 Server cloud-init wireless network pre-configuration does not work due to systemd bug.


Will you be including the ability to replace Wayland with X11?

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Ubuntu Gnome is setup only for Wayland. Raspbian is setup for X11 by default. What is your use case?

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Does the new Bullseye image address the issue of SSH not being enabled during initial setup?

SSH is not enabled unless you have an empty file named ssh in the first FAT partition. This should already work on the current images.