2023-09-01 Libre Computer AML-S905X-CC-V2 Sweet Potato Now Available!

friend… I noticed that this error appears only after I run the sudo apt upgrade command. If I don’t update Ubuntu it works normally. The SSD is 91% healthy. and the ubuntu server. thanks

Try Debian, we have users report issues with the Ubuntu image on update. We will replace the images soon.

ok, I’ll try with Debian… that way I’ll get to know another operating system… I’ll get back to you. and when you replace ubuntu send a message if you remember friend… thanks!

I upgraded from a Le Potato, so I simply re-used its case (Geekworm transparent one from Aliexpress), only had to expand the power connector to fit USB-C, which is much larger.

This is designed for Sweet Potato and Cottonwood boards: