3.5" WD HDD isn't starting on reboot

I am using a 12V 5A DC power source, and using splitters + a step down converter to power the potato (ubuntu 22, flashed just a few days ago) and a single 4TB SATA hdd. Whenever I reboot, the light on the HDD adapter is showing that there’s power, but I don’t hear the disk spinning (and lsblk doesn’t show the HDD). If I unplug and replug the USB connection, it shows up.

Can you copy and paste your dmesg log into a pastebin?

possibly this line?:
[ 9.858651] usb 1-1.3: USB disconnect, device number 3

Ah, the known issue (mentioned at the end of linked message) with the on-board hub bites another customer.


We plan to fix this by the time we roll out Linux 6.6 soon.