A eMMC suggestion,?

Possible? It would be nice to have a distribution package that had an image already downloaded to the package so that once the package is uncompressed, loaded to the SD card, and booted, all we need to do is to dd the image that is preloaded on the SD card can be dd’d over to the eMMC card.

We are working on LOST 2.0 which can deploy OSes from the internet.

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Thanks for the heads up. i’ll be looking out for the implementation of LOST 2.0.

Easiest way right now is to:

  1. download and write Raspbian to uSD
  2. boot uSD
  3. download OS image of choice
  4. use Raspberry Flasher to write OS image to eMMC
  5. IMPORTANT! echo "boot_targets=usb mmc1 mmc0" > /media/pi/bootfs/boot.ini before rebooting so you can easily recover from a bad eMMC flash by booting from any valid USB/uSD OS instead of the eMMC