Adxl345 install for klipper

Hi there,
I have searched high and low for a setup video or instructions that were for setting up an ADXL345 for klipper withe the Le Potato. Here i found the pieces of commands i needed. So i went through the steps and finally got it to work. Thank you Libre for the spidev commands. Show i went and made a video on it since there wasn’t one to be found. I came back here to link it so I could try and help the community.
I hope Iam not “stepping on any toes” doing this.

Thank you Libre for making an affordable product to suit a noob maker’s needs!

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You can run sudo ldto merge spicc spicc-spidev without the enable part. The enable part is a non-persistent hot test for creating it without rebooting.

Yes that is true. I did do that to make it enable at every system boot.

Thanks for sharing, the video helped me.