Alta AML-A311D-CC boots but grub has 'gfxterm' isn't found error

I think there’s some UEFI values missing to inform grub on what’s needed to load the driver.

Booting same image on AML-S905X-CC-V2 gives me proper grub menu. (literally swapping sdcards around)

  • Using kernel 6.7.0-rc7
  • have same behavior with grub packages on debian bookworm and debian sid.
  • using uboot aml-a311d-cc-spiflash Dec 14 2023 build

relevant grub voodoo:

function load_video {
  if [ x$feature_all_video_module = xy ]; then
    insmod all_video
    insmod efi_gop
    insmod efi_uga
    insmod ieee1275_fb
    insmod vbe
    insmod vga
    insmod video_bochs
    insmod video_cirrus

insmod part_gpt
insmod ext2
search --no-floppy --fs-uuid --set=root f4c95414-9778-4eb5-9184-8aa6ed77a22d
if loadfont /usr/share/grub/unicode.pf2 ; then
  set gfxmode=auto
  insmod gfxterm
  set locale_dir=$prefix/locale
  set lang=en_US
  insmod gettext
terminal_input gfxterm
terminal_output gfxterm

On AML-A311D-CC_V1.0C

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Did you found a solution?
Iam facing the same issue