Alta AML-a311D-CC PiCamera 2 not detected in CSI slot

Hello everyone,

I am currently using an Alta AML-a311D-CC and connected a PiCamera V2 in the CSI port.
The OS is Raspbian Bookworm 12 installed from the arm64+arm64.img

The switch is set on “CSI”.

When I try to run “rpicam” or “libcam” commands I receive the error message “Could not open any dmaHeap device”.

When using a python script with the picamera2 module, it also gives an error message, that a list item is out of range.

I assume, that the CSI port needs to be activated. However, I could not find any setting or configuration on Raspbian, that would allow me to activate the CSI Port or make it possible to detect the Picamera 2.

I tried to enter the CSI cable on the port and on the camera in different ways which results in the same errors. So the cable attachment could not be the cause.

Do you have an idea, what the cause is for these error messages could be or if the Raspberry Pi Camera 2 is compatible with the Alta AML-a311D-CC?

Thank you very much in advance :slight_smile:

Camera support for A311D is still 6 months out. You can use it with a vendor SDK but definitely not with our upstream kernel.

We recommend using an UVC camera in the interim.