AML-S905D3-CC Solitude gets hot


I got my new AML-S905D3-CC Solitude SBC with the Active Cooling Case.

With system load: 2-5%

  • The CPU temp is 55 celsius in the case without the fans used.
  • The CPU temp is 47 celsius without the top of the case.

With full load and top of the case off I get 66 celsius.

Using the fan cools it good, but it is very noisy.

Is 55 celsius high for the board? Or is there a bigger heatsink for the board? Has any body a suggestion?

(I also have an emmc)

Thanks for any answer!

Solitude, non-enclosed, can maintain full performance passively cooled. 55C no air circulation and 66C full load is normal and not hot at all and the chip can work up to 100C.

As a reference, Raspberry Pi boards sit at 66C idle and goes to 85C with just 1 core loaded.

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