AML-S905X-CC Boot Behavior

  1. When power is attached, the red and blue LEDs will turn on. The green LED stays in the off state.
  2. There is no power to HDMI or USB.
  3. BootROM scans for the bootloader at sector 1 or 512B on eMMC and then MicroSD.
  4. If the bootloader is not found and the USB dual role port is connected to a computer, it will go into ROM mode. If the USB dual role port is not connected to a computer, it will go to step 3 again.
  5. If a bootloader is found, it loads the bootloader which will initialize the DRAM and then run u-boot.
  6. u-boot will turn on the green LED to indicate that the system has software running.

This is what I was looking for, and should be in the quick user guide.

witch USB port is the dual role port???

Top left one next to Ethernet.

THANK YOU … bc i flashed my sd card and inserted then hooked up hdmi and power supply and get no screen and blue and red lights remain solid and illumated and nothing else … so im running out of options

See Troubleshooting General Boot Issues

im way ahead of ya lol was reading that as well