AML-S905X-CC Le Potato Schematic Issue

Looking through the Le Potato schematic. Couple of requests.

  1. On the top of page 1, there is a drawing of the mating plug for the CVBS+Audio connector on the board, with pins marked as A, B, C, D.

Could you enumerate that drawing with a table that matches the pinout on page 11 - Audio such that it is definitive that A = pin 1 = TV (if that’s true), etc.

Table could go on either page 1 or 11.

  1. Could you provide a version of the document in English? Note that their are regions in the document where characters overwrite and collide with other parts of the text, making it tough to select and run it through a translator.

  2. There are numerous places where ovals are drawn around a set of components ( pg 3, 4, 6, 8) but there is no attached note to explain why. And on page 3 there is an oval drawn with nothing inside?

  3. The title block indicates 14 pages in the schematic, but the document only contains the first 11 pages. Missing 3 are?


Anything specific you are looking for? This is just the reference S905X schematic with modifications for Le Potato.

Components from the EVB design were removed.

Removed components that are not present on Le Potato.

Super. Thanks.

Could you provide a link to the reference S905X schematic?

Those are subject to NDA and not released.

OK. All good. Thanks.