AML-S905X-CC Le Potato Ubuntu Jammy login

Hi Everyone,

Just bought the Le Potato, trying to get it set up. All guides are saying that the default login should be user: libre and password computer, however this combination isn’t working. I’ve entered them all lowercase as is typical for linux environments. I also tried a few similar combinations, but to no avail.


Read the release notes one the download links.

Read through the release notes - didn’t see anything

On the download page for the images, there’s release notes.

Which image did you use?

It looks like you said “Release Notes” while the link on the page is “Documentation.”

Using consistent terminology is less confusing for your users, and especially as ‘Support’ you should be more support-y.

the information can be found here:

the information is:
root:1234 (as of August 9, 2023)

I don’t care how old this thread is either, it’s the top result on google

Armbian is different than our images. Do not confuse the two. Our images do not have root:1234 as the login credentials.