Android 9 for Le Potato SD ISO Corrupted?

Hello all,
I wanted to bring attention to when I downloaded the “AML-S905X-CC Android P 2021-07-01” SD image. I have ran into mount error, where I get a message stating “The disc image file is corrupted”. I have tried to download SD iso multiple times and from 2 different Window PCs to see if it was my error.
Is there something I could be missing when trying to ready SD iso onto SD card? Or could there be an issue with the iso from Libre’s Google Drive link?

I am attaching photo as well.
Thank you and best regards,
Screenshot 2023-03-26 205455

Why are you trying to mount an image? It doesn’t work that way.

How do I go about getting Android 9 on the Le Potato?
Apologies as I am new to single board computers.

You need to use a flashing tool. I’m running Linux, so I use dd, or Belana Etcher if I’m feeling lazy. The latter is not recommended. There is a win-someting-or-other-imager avaliable if you roll that way. Google “flashing sd card” for more specific instructions.

Hope that helps.