Android OS - No boot

Hi all,

I loaded the correct Android OS to an SD card via laptop and inserted it into my AML-S905X-CC but when I insert the the micro USB power it will boot to the S905X screen then reboot a couple times then go black screen with no options… please help!!

Sounds like power issue. What power supply are you using?

I’m having a similar issue on my Potato it was working fine last night but it would occasionally just shut off and reboot. this occurred usually around the time it was searching for network. I figured it was a power issue like it usually is. Sooo today I put for sure adequate power supply to boot from SD, and quality SD card (which the one I was using as worked before but I wanted to be sure. Now it get stuck on the Phone is starting page with Libre Computer logo behind it and the progress bar just cycling, and it won’t go any further. Any suggestions would be appreciated, ty in advance


Make sure the voltage is not too high (>5.5V) and make sure the MicroSD card is flashed correctly and can pass a verify cycle.