Armv7l for AML S905X

Hello, I have two boards (aml-s905x-cc and Raspberry Pi 4) using Raspbian and I want to switch architecture from aarch64 to armv7l.
In Raspberry Pi 4 (armv8), I just set arm_64bit = 0 in /boot/config.txt , sudo reboot and I will have armv7l arch. I have also tried many ways with aml-s905x-cc but without success. When I type the setarch command, I see the arguments armv7 and armv7l but it just can switch to armv8.
Can aml-s905x-cc run on armv7l architecture?

Raspbian 10 is the only OS we offer with armv7 userspace. All of our kernels are 64-bit. We don’t support 32-bit kernels.