Beginner, Installing Ubuntu and Booting issues

Hello Im new new to this. I just bought the renegade and downloaded the Ubuntu to my Micro SD card. My understanding is that once you plug it in, it should just install. Am I correct? If so I got nothing. Im not even sure where to begin, I think im following things right. I got nothing though, my renegade is also attached to a screen. Thank you all for anything.

Renegade’s u-boot does not have video support yet. You have to wait about 30 seconds for Linux to start before you get video out.

So should I keep the screen off until I get Ubuntu installed? I dont see the Lights changing once I plug it in.

It doesn’t install. It just boots Ubuntu as if it were installed already.

I figured it out, kinda. I had to hold the uboot button down for a second. However now, once it loads the screen is choppy and you cant read anything like the screen is oriented the wrong way. I know its a small screen but nothing is clear enough to change the resolution.

Can you take a picture of your screen?

I just flashed the image on a 256gb Sandisk SD card using etcher which is officially discouraged, after formatting it with diskpart on windows, after the recommended utility reformatted the card to almost all unallocated space and created a partition only the size of the disk image, which may have been my user error. The image written with etcher booted up just fine and I have been using it since, uptime with the Ubuntu Jammy distro has been a few days now.