Blue LED - Single or Double Blink

I have several Le Potato (AML-S905X-CC) boards, which are successfully booting the Raspberry Pi OS (Bullseye / 11), and which appear to be functioning normally.

My question is what is the significance of the blue LED? I know it is supposed to be “activity”, but on some of my boards it blinks once per second, and on others it blinks twice per second. However, in all cases, everything appears to be functioning normally.

Is there any significance between a single and double-blink? I found a vague reference on one of the Libre web pages that a double-blink means “not locked”, but I’m not sure what that means? What would not be locked?

Again, not aware of any problems, just curious as to why the difference?



The LEDs are programmable. They can be tied to any trigger that is controlled in /sys/class/led. It’s probably because it’s setup differently in software over time.