Boot fail every other time

Every other time I reboot the Libre Computer Potato that I have with a 64GB SD card running Rasbian, I get the pictured error.

I currently have a device plugged into every USB port: keyboard, mouse, wifi, camera.

How to solve?

Latest software updated blah blah blah.

I always properly shutdown the Potato.

The only way to recover is to pull power.

Comment: I like the way ESPRESSIF does their documentation, at least I can find things. With the Libre documentation it’s a mess.

I’m really liking the Potato and can’t wait till the Renegade I ordered arrives.

What MicroSD card are you using? The error is because the SD card cannot be found.

SD card being used:


So what I understand from the feedback is that every other boot the SD card is “lost” during the boot process? Afterall, the initial scan to not find the eMMC does find the SD card.

Is not the conf file on the SD card? Does not the error indicate that no devices listed in the conf file were found, yet to read the conf file the SD card has to be accessed? That is if the conf file is on the SD card.

Just trying to wrap my head around the issue.

Which board do you have exactly? Please provide a picture.

Usually the cause is fake MicroSD cards (relabeled). They have a bug in the design where the IO voltage leaks to VCC and cause the card not to reset properly on reboot.

I received a Renegade, yesterday. I used the reimage flashed (the one that was in the Potato) card on the Renegade. I encountered a similar issue with the Renegade upon rebooting. I did manage to get a eMMC card working on the Renegade. I think I’ll go with eMMC on the Potato as well. Thanks for your efforts.