Boot from usb ssd aml s905x-cc

Trying to use the Flash tool for usb booting but have a major problem on the initial boot all I get is the following:

Net: No ethernet found.
starting USB…
scanning bus usb@c9000000: dwc3_meson_gx1_get_phys: usb2 ports:2
Register 2000140 MbrPorts 2
Starting the controller
USB XHC1 1.00
scanning bus usb0c9000000 for devices… Device not responding to set address.

  USB device not accepting new address (error=80000000)

6 USB Device(s) found
Scanning usb for storage devices… 0 Storage Device(s) found
Hit any key to stop autoboot
cannot find valid erofs superblock
switch to partition #0, OK
mmc 1 is current device
cannot find valid erofs superblock
MMS Decice 2 not found
mo mmc device at slot 2
Device 0: unknown device

However, if I power off the board and try again, after several tries it might start the boot and halt at the following point:

[ 7.533523] systemd-journald[309]: Received client request to flush runtime j

Cannot open access to console: the root account is locked.

This with the 2022-09-22-raspian-bullseye-arm64-lite-aml-s905x-cc.img

Not sure if I have board problem or flash tool problem.


Probably a power issue with the USB device. What is it?

It is a usb case/ssd. If I boot the same os on a micro sd the system is completely able to see and use the ssd. I can put a powered usb hub in place to see if it a power problem with the usb chip on the computer. I will try that a little later and let you know the results.

OK, with a powered usb hub it will boot but the Bullseye version stops late in the boot sequence with a “cannot access console because root account is locked” (not exact wording).

Another interesting point is the armhf version will boot normally even if not connected through a powered usb hub (same ssd and case).

If the power is not reliable, results can vary and we don’t spend time hunting for software issues when it’s just a power issue. USB 2.0 permits 5V 500mA per port for non-CDP and external SSDs usually exceed that when going full blast.

“cannot access console because root account is locked”

Please provide a picture of the console.

Like I said earlier, I have the ssd on a powered usb hub so I don’t think power is a problem. And the “console” it is referring to is the system console of the operating system.

And as I stated in my last post, the armhf version of raspian buster boots up and works just fine using the same ssd/usb case so once again I don’t see how it would be a power issue. Yes, putting the ssd on an external powered usb hub cleared up the initial boot problems so I can not see power problems somehow locking the root account during the boot process since an earlier version (buster 32 bit vs bullseye 64 bit) runs just fine.

I guess I have to move this over to the software forum.