Boot Loop + Complete Crash when hard drive plugged into Le Potato

I’m having an issue where my AML-S905X-CC will often crash if I plug in my hard drive, a 2TB WD My Passport external HDD, and if I try to boot with it connected, it gets stuck in a loop every time, which I can only solve by disconnecting the hard drive.

At first I figured it was an issue of power draw, so I routed it through a powered USB hub, but the issue persists. I’m having this issue on both of my (2) AML-S905X-CC boards. I don’t get this issue with flash drives or sd card (readers), just the external hard drive.

Any ideas of solutions?

OS used:
both downloaded from the libre distro

Managed to get a picture of the message. It’ll shut down half a second after completing this.

Most likely the USB drive is not responding in time due to hard drive spinup time. You can disable the USB detection on startup or add a sleep delay before the USB detection.

How, exactly would one go about doing this? On my desktop this would be a piece of cake, but on the AML-S905X-CC I don’t even know where to start, or what to search for. Variations of the model name and “disable usb boot” only gives me results about booting from usb, with nothing helpful for disabling it…