Building a Custom Image for LePotato Using Yocto

Hey All,

I am looking to create a custom image for my LePotato using Yocto.
I have successfully built an image using the layer provided here and the following command

MACHINE=libretech-cc-sdboot bitbake amlogic-image-headless-sd

when I flash the .wic file onto the MicroSD card using either etcher or raspberry pi imager and attempt to boot, only the solid red and blue lights come on, with no output on screen.

I have successfully installed and booted a pre-built version of Raspbian on my device by flashing an MicroSD card using raspberry pi imager. For this reason, I do not believe there is an issue with my power supply or sd card.

Does anyone have experience building a custom image for LePotato using the yocto project?

Also, if there is a better place to go to ask this question, please let me know!

There is an IRC channel #linux-amlogic on Neil Armstrong (superna9999) is the Yocto maintainer for Amlogic. He did most of the Amlogic upstreaming for us and is probably the best resource on Yocto.

We do have tailored out-of-tree patches for Linux and u-boot that improves the function of our boards in a lot of regards. We can pay Yocto a visit and integrate these elements sometimes about 2 weeks from now. We will upload the changes to a new repo in our GitHub.