Can not boot from USB

I can not boot from USB on my Sweet Potato. I have tried different usbs with different OS’s. Ubuntu, Windows, and Batocera. The usbs are bootable because I tried it on my regular desktop and it works.

I am using top left usb slot but I tried them all just in case. I did both sides on the boot switch each time just to make sure, still did not boot from USB.

IMPRIMIS: there’s a known issue with booting (at least) from USB on at least the AML-905 boards with an USB hub on board (so all but Frite). A fix is said to be in the works, but for now it’s SD or EMMC or put it on the shelf to age.

USB issue mentioned at end of linked article

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There is currently an issue with how Linux handles USB hubs and the devices attached to it. When Linux starts, it triggers a reset on the USB hub and depending on whether systemd has already mounted the rootfs or not, it causes all the devices on the hub to drop off in the middle of loading files. This is being addressed.