Can not seem to get it s905x to boot any images

RetroPi : stops at 1. mmcblk1: p1 p2
Ubuntu : Never loads the kernel (30 minute wait time)
Tried latest Lakka : never boots, trying .dtb file fix now but i’m so stumped.

Probably something wrong with one of the following as it’s 99% of the problems:

  1. Power: make sure your power supply is 5V and 1.5A or higher
  2. MicroSD card: make sure it can read and write data correctly and passes the Verify step of Win32DiskImager
  3. Wrong Image: make sure the image is for your board

We go through these step by step.

We don’t support RetroPie anymore. Use Lakka.

I can add to librecomputer’s reply to try a different USB cable as well; I had that issue where the power supply was more than sufficient but I had enough voltage drop over the USB cable itself that the board had similar symptoms to what you’re seeing.

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