Cant reach bootloader server

Im trying to flash a bootloader to a blank microsd card but everytime I try at this step:

sudo ./ bl-flash aml-s905x-cc mmcblk0 (microsd card)

it returns this error:
BOOTLOADER_flash: BOARD aml-s905x-cc bootloader server

i have no idea how to fix this or why its not working
i got my potato yesterday

sorry my text cut off
this error
BOOTLOADER_flash: BOARD aml-s905x-cc bootloader server could not be reached.

Your ISP is not able to connect to

Thanks but I already fixed it.
Here are the steps if anybody cant use the tool

  1. Download the bootloader for your board (Ex. aml-905x-cc bootloader is aml-s095x-cc no file extension)

  2. Manually flash it

  3. sudo dd if=BOOTLOADER of=SD_CARD oflag=sync bs=512 seek=1 status=progress

  4. Insert SDCARD into le potato

  5. flash an os image to external usb or ssd and plug it into one of the USB if you did everything correctly it should boot into your OS

This is only for Le Potato. It may not work for other boards.