Centos, Rocky Linux builds?

I’ve seen that Rocky Linux has builds for ARM. Does anyone know of a build that can be used on the Potato?

You have to build our kernel from source and install it into an image. Then add the bootloader using the libretech-flash-tool.

Maybe you can provide a list over time showing which builds are available? Not everyone will know or have time to build kernels but would use those builds.

We currently don’t have rpm based packages and infrastructure as we lack the expertise. We only maintain Debian packages and infrastructure.

@LibelMoose (and anyone else interested),
Please join us over at Rocky Linux Mattermost in the SIG/AltArch channel. I just got my Tritium, LePotato, La Frite, and Renegade SBC’s today and hope to start work on it next week. There’s a small community of people interested in getting Rocky working on these boards. We’d love help and support from others in the community who are also interested.
Rocky Testing Team Lead

Just to make your life easier. We have pre-compiled bootloaders available at Index of /ci/. They are used by libretech-flash-tool to install the bootloaders into the proper offset on images. We also provide our latest 6.1 LTS kernel sources on our GitHub for you to compile and package. They have out-of-tree patches and backports that improve functionality. Other than these two items, everything userspace should be fairly standard affair. It should not be hard to create Rocky Linux images.

Thank you for that information! I appreciate it and will report back once we have images to share.