Chromebook Notes

Initial Setup

  1. Hold Escape + Refresh (F3) and Press Power
  2. Control + D to enable Developer Mode
  3. Control + Alt + F2 to login as chronos
  4. Allow USB booting sudo crossystem dev_boot_usb=1
  5. Control + U to boot from USB

Disk Setup

  1. KERNEL_A 7f00 32MB +8MB offset
  2. KERNEL_B 7f00 32MB +40MB offset
  3. EFI ef00 440MB +72MB offset
  4. ROOT 8300 512MB offset

Chromebook will boot kernel A and designate +3 partitions as root via cmdline.


  1. sudo apt -y install build-essential bison flex libssl-dev vboot-kernel-utils depthcharge-tools debootstrap libncurses-dev rdfind
  2. git clone -b linux-6.6.y --single-branch --depth=1 git://
  3. git cline --single-branch --depth=1 git://