Comparing the different Libre Computer versions


My first-time post here.

I just bought myself 2 Libre Computer “Le Potato” devices on Amazon as a - hopefully - 100% replacement for my RPi2B/3B devices. The nice side of it is that the price of the devices is more than reasonable, certainly compared to the prices of genuine RPi’s. Even with the extra shipping and handling + VAT costs (has to be shipped to Belgium), it remains a kind of a bargain.

I’ll give the above two devices definitely a thorough try-out and see how well the compatibility is with the RPi’s. I’m using the RPi’s as headless servers, so that will be the same for the Potatoes. It means less compatibility issues with things other than basic functionality (I don’t need video, mouse, keyboard, camera,…). And I will use the standard Raspbian OS Lite, based on the Bullseye distro.

However, my intention was in fact to buy the Tritium version but it seems sold out on LoveRPi. The side doesn’t mention when they will be available again.

And to make that decision - which board to choose - here’s my real question:

I wanted to know if there’s a possibility on the website to compare all the different Libre Computer boards (from Tritium up until the Renegade Elite) in an easier way other than comparing literally the specs on paper of all 5 boards?
Many websites nowadays have tick marks next to their products which then are used to make a table and show the differences in an easy-to-check overview table.
Anything like this available on the Libre Computer website?

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Tritium is being manufactured right now. We are filling commercial orders first before we fill retail orders. They will start showing up in retail once all the commercial orders are filled.

You can reference our comparison chart here for the boards ending in CC. Renegade Elite ROC-RK3399-PC is not on this as it’s not the same price/class.

That is indeed what I was looking for: the comparison chart. Thanks for pointing this out!

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