Composite video output from LibreELEC on Le Potato

I just got a AML-S905X-CC (Le Potato). I am planning to use it as a video player/HTPC for the kids to use in the car. Our car only has composite (RCA) audio/video inputs, which is part of the reason I chose Le Potato, as it supports native composite output. I would like to avoid using an HDMI to composite adapter if possible.

I decided to install LibreELEC for this project. I downloaded the latest nightly from the link in this document: LibreELEC for Libre Computer Boards. I downloaded the “LibreELEC-AMLGX.arm-11.0-nightly-20221223-a0bd737-lepotato.img” image and imaged it to an SD card using the LibreELEC card imager.

Everything booted up and seems to work fine with HDMI video output. However, when switch to the composite video plug and boot up, I do get video and audio, but the Kodi interface never shows up. All I see from the video output is the LibreELEC splash screen, with the build number up in the top left corner. Interestingly, I do think Kodi is actually loading up because I can hear the audio output. For example, if I start pressing arrow keys on my keyboard, I here the Kodi interface navigation sounds. For some reason, the interface just won’t show up on the screen.

I realize this may ultimately be a better question for the LibreELEC team, so if I need to go create an account in their community and ask there instead, just let me know. I have tried searching in both your and their forums, but not found information specific to my situation. A lot of the information in their forums seems to revolve around raspberry pi specifically. Also, some of the info in their wiki seems to be either outdated or not specific to this build of the software. For example, this document (Config.txt - says I should be able to find the config.txt file in /flash/config.txt, but when I SSH into it, no such file exists there.

Also, I am generally a Linux novice, so it is entirely possible that I am just not understanding something correctly.

If you could provide any guidance, it would be most appreciated! Please let me know if you have any additional questions or need more information. Thank you for your time!

This is best left for the LibreELEC team on their forum. They use much of the upstream work we do and vice versa so CVBS should be supported. It might be buried in a menu or file config though.

Ok, understood. Thank you for taking a look.

Here is a $13 solution:

Try CoreELEC instead of LibreELEC if you are using Le Potato.

I just wanted to close the loop here. I was able to work with someone on the LibreELEC forums and get the composite video output working.

The quick version is that I had to edit the /flash/extlinux/extlinux.conf file to force composite video to be enabled. For the complete details, here is the link to my thread in the LibreELEC forums:

Thank you all for your suggestions and help!

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